Client Testimonial - Crude Oil Release

From a large midstream oil and gas client:

"This release response and cleanup went smoothly and was deemed as one of the most successful conducted to date"

Client Testimonial - Large Fuel Spill

… you have managed the most complex scenario that I have ever encountered and you did it with professionalism and poise that is absolutely top of game… Kudos to your firm and the fine people who make it what it is…


Boron in Soil

What’s the deal with boron?

Well it’s a compound that can naturally be found through the weathering process of parent rock/minerals as well as decay of plant material. Where its not natural? Boron is often found with produced water, agricultural sources such as fertilizer, and industrial sources. What’s the concern? Boron is an essential micro-nutrient for plants, but like anything not taken in moderation, can have negative effects.

Formerly the boron guideline in Alberta was based on “professional judgement”. One problem with that, background concentrations in Alberta often exceeded the former guideline of 2 ppm because of our clay soils, and well that’s not fair! So for the last 8 years, a new boron guideline has been in the making, one with risk-based criteria (lots of laboratory work and modelling). The catch, the use of a different analytical method that is considered more representative of available boron. So while there is a perceivable industry sigh of relief in 2016 with a release of new guidelines and methods…there’s also an adjustment and re-evaluation period going on.

If you’d like to know more about the development of the new guidelines you can visit the Alberta Upstream Petroleum Research website:

Professional Development

Congratulations to our very own Daniel Faucher on achieving his Registered Technologist in Agrology (R.T. (Ag.)) designation through the Alberta Institute of Agrologists. Nichols Environmental promotes continuing education and professional development as core value which is reflected in our Corporate Philosophy.

Environmental Awareness Training


Nichols Environmental is pleased to offer site specific Environmental Awareness Training for facility managers/operators.

Environmental Awareness Training

Injection Headers

A Success Story...

Nichols Environmental has completed the installation of injection headers to deliver chemical oxidant within an active dry cleaning facility.  The installation allows for the ongoing in-situ treatment of contaminants in the groundwater, while minimizing disruption to facility operations.

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  • June 11, 2018
    Although our work often pulls us in different directions on a regular basis, our professional mandate will always be to protect human health and the environment. Our June staff meeting present...

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